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Foundations & Endowments

My disciplined investment process begins with understanding your organization's mission, goals, and objectives. From there, I look to gain insight into the Board of Directors' ABILITY to devote the necessary TIME to each of the four primary sources of Mission Impact. I then help the Board to identify an appropriate level of ACCOUNTABILITY that will be maintained throughout our engagement.

Strategic Direction of The Organization

(Greatest Mission Impact)

Asset Allocation & Investment Design

Portfolio Construction & Implementation

Investment Manager Selection 

(Greatest Allocation of Time)

Institutional Services

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting

While your Investment Committee maintains discretion for manager selection, I operate as a Non-Discretionary Consultant providing manager advice, investment reporting, and custody solutions.  

Asset Management

Asset Management

While your Investment Committee manages asset allocation, I operate as an Investment Advisor responsible for manager selection, rebalancing, investment reporting, and custody solutions.



As an Outsourced-Chief Investment Officer, I'd be responsible for all aspects of the investment process, including asset allocation, manager selection, investment reporting, and custody solutions.

What is CIMA® certification?

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®)  is the premier certification for financial advisor and institutional consultants who desire to serve their clients with the most sophisticated investment and portfolio management knowledge. It is one of the only professional certifications in financial services to meet international accreditation and quality standards.

Fewer than two percent of financial services professionals hold CIMA certification,1 and it is the only credential designed specifically for financial advisors and investment consultants.

The CIMA® certification identifies individuals who have met extensive experience and ethical requirements and successfully completed advanced investment management consulting coursework provided through one of three top-20 business schools in the United States: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, or the Yale School of Management. 

CIMA professionals must pass a certification exam covering a wide range of in-depth investment topics. Additionally, those who earn the certification must agree to meet ongoing continuing education requirements and adhere to the Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility.

1. As of December 2021, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulates 612,457 registered reps, and 8,500 professionals hold CIMA certification.,


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