Business Owners

As an owner, you have the responsibility to continuously navigate competing priorities and challenges associated with economic & business cycles, growing your client base, attracting and retaining top talent, looking out for the well-being of your employees, and having a family. As a full-service private wealth management practice, we understand what you are going through and know that managing a business is not for the faint of heart.

At Kyros, we have developed a distinct process to help business owners identify, resolve, and monitor issues that impact their BUSINESS, their FAMILY, and their LIFE PRIORITIES. To that end, we have found 13 WEALTH ISSUES that can pose a significant threat to your financial security, your business, and employees.

Our team is well-positioned with the experience, capabilities, and resources to help you PROACTIVELY IDENTIFY, MONITOR, and NAVIGATE these threats so you can focus on what matters most: your business and your family. 

Top-13 Threats to Your Financial Security, Your Business, and Your Employees

Cash Flow & Cash Management 

Access to Credit & Liabilities Management


Attracting & Retaining Key Employees

Financial Planning

Coordinating & Managing Investments

Retirement / Business Succession

Education & Family Support

Asset Protection

Trust Planning

Risk Management


Estate Planning

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