3 Why's | Visual Insights - July 2020

3 Why's | Visual Insights - July 2020

July 14, 2020

“Financial success, as well as most success in life, is not about perfection. It's about direction.” —Donald Lynn Frost

In a crisis, refocusing and reaffirming our goals becomes even more critical. What direction are you heading in? Are you driving along a route you know well? Or do you occasionally veer off road and take unexpected detours? (All of us do, especially now.)

Being clear not only about where we want to go (our goals) but the burning “why” behind why we want to get there helps give us the road map and the drive to achieve the success we want.


Through passion. Our financial goals are usually tied to something we’re passionate about. Connecting with that passion can keep our goals alive and achievable.

We look at an easy way to discover what truly makes you passionate about your financial goals in this month’s Visual Insights.

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